Better Bus Charter For Somerset

We need to do something about improving our buses in Somerset. Our county currently has the second lowest level of bus journeys per resident of all the counties in England and Somerset’s bus services have the very lowest level of passenger satisfaction in the country.

Residents of Somerset experience this every day, whether it’s with difficulties getting to health services, reduced opportunities for those seeking work and further education or just the limited (if any) evening and Sunday bus services. As a result, we see ever increasing numbers of cars on our roads which causes higher levels of local air pollution and increase our carbon emissions.

Somerset Bus Partnership was formed just a year ago to campaign for better bus services across our county and already we have a Somerset-wide network of 115 town and parish transport representatives who share our passion for better buses.

Somerset residents have every right to expect better, but it will need funding.

We have developed a Somerset Bus Charter and invite not just Councillors but community groups, churches & residents to join with us & endorse it. Get in touch


Better Buses For All Our Communities

We need a core network of frequent, high-quality services linking our towns and main villages with enhanced weekend and evening services. Also we want an extension of the demand-responsive ‘Slinky’ bus services, available to all and with longer operating hours.

An Integrated Transport Network

We need bus routes to link with local railway stations with timetables that offer improved connections between buses and trains.

We also want to see the introduction of integrated ticketing across the county’s different bus operators and with trains too.

Promotion Of Existing And New Services

We should be promoting the bus as an important way by which we all can address the climate emergency in Somerset (transport accounts for nearly half of all carbon emissions in Somerset).

To enable more to go by bus, it is essential that current bus timetable information is shown at all main bus stops and bus times information is available in libraries and at other information points.

An Affordable Transport Service For All

We should make bus travel more attractive through cheaper fares especially targeted at young people up to the age of 25. Plus, for everyone, a new, all-operator, countywide value ticket.

Cleaner Buses

We want an accelerated transition from diesel buses to zero emission buses.

Meaningful Funding of Bus Services

We need Somerset’s bus budget to be brought progressively up to the average for similar rural authorities in the South West.